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I just got accepted two weeks ago and on Tuesday I received a package containing my Katimavik patch, two luggage tags and my first travel itinerary (and it was only in French). I did not receive much else, not even my group number or where I will be going other than my first placement. It's my understanding that there should have been an insurance package and item check-list but there was nothing like that in my package. For those of you who have gone in the past, did everything come in one package or were things split up?
I can't figure out whether or not they forgot something.

I will be calling in the morning (they close for the holidays at noon, which is about 10:00 AM my time) but I just want to know if anything like this happened to any of you?
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Hmmm, I remeber getting all that stuff at the same time, or before getting my Katima Patches. Phoning may be a good idea, it also should have been your main language or bilingual.
I did get a phone call and I was asked if I got "the package" and I said "yes". But I told the man who phoned that I didn't know my group number and he gave it to me along with my other two destinations, but that left me more confused. I mean, shouldn't it be a red flag if I don't even know what my group number is?
I will call in the morning, I'm just a little nervous, especially since they're going to be closed for the holidays and I leave on the 3rd!

And yes indeed, that is Booster himself. :3
Hmmm, this was the Prairie head office in Calgary?
It's strange the guy didn't really help you with all the infromation you needed.
When you call them, don't let them go until you get all the information you need, it's their job to provide it for you.
And if you need anything else, just ask.
The guy had a French accent so I think he was calling from head office, but I'm not entirely sure. When I call should I be calling the regional number rather than the head office? I am at a total loss. I don't even know what extension number I should be using if I called the head office...
I personally would sugest the reginal office at:
Prairies, Northwest Territories and Nunavut regional office
860-736, 8th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 1H4
Telephone: 403 693-3090
Fax: 403 693-0190
Email: info@katimavik-pra.org

They can probably best direct you.
Most people at the offices are bilingual, so they all could have french Accents.
AHG. Thank you so much. I was sort of freaking out because I don't know anyone and I figured this community was dead. THANK YOU.
This community will never die!! AH HA HA HA HA!

It did kind of take a leap downward when Katiamvik opened an official MySpace page though...
Well, all it needs is an active moderator to live! Yeah...the MySpace page is too much for me. I did find 3 other group members digging around there, though. I'm just too shy to talk to them (even though they seem quite nice). D;
If they are from your group, don't worry, you'll get to know them ;)
Firstly, yaaaaay for Katimavik! I'm doing it right now, and it's awesome.

I got all of my information in the package at once (although my package came about a week later than they said it would...), but I know a few people in my group got their stuff in two separate packages. Like it's already been suggested, it would be a good idea to call your regional office -- they'll help you out.

Good luck!
Congradulations! I don't remember details of my package...but I want to wish you good luck and keep us updated of how your experiences are!