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Junos, Katimavans, Spurred Insanity

For the first time since I was in Katimavik (eightish months ago) I saw a Katimavan. In fact, I saw a hoarde of them. Five or six?

I was volunteering at the Junos here in Saskatoon with a friend of mine as a seat filler, and leaving the parking lot I just about extremely embarassed myself. Okay, maybe I did a bit. I made my friend drive the car over to where they were parked and I ran to the nearest van and tapped on the window. A very startled participant greeted me.

My mind went almost entirely blank though - where to start, you know? Haha of course I asked where they were from (there were groups from Manitoba there as well, apparantly!!). Driving out of the extremely congested parking lot we honked and waved at every van we could see.

Anyone else go entirely nuts when they see the vans? Maybe it's just because it's been so long, but I almost felt like jumping them all and feeding them cookies upon cookies. I wanted to ask them a bazillion questions and tell those brave little soldiers all my stories. So basically, I've turned into an eighty year old Grandma. Point being, I think those vans inspire madness into even the sanest hearts. Yey or Ney?

ps. Malajube and Pierre Lapointe didn't win Junos! My Quebecois loves! *gasp*
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