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Okay, guys. It's Ki here again from Redvers, Sask.

I got caught with my LJ around my ankles, which resulted in a CTI. (The CTI was actually for using a computer at work to update LJ, it's a CTI in Respect, but it wouldn't have happened if my LJ were friends only... or if my Work Partner wasn't such a creeper, but it matters not.)

I don't think there's anything too horrible on my LJ but my PL has suggested I make it more private so here's the deal.

If you WERE watching my LJ as I progress through Katimavik (three months in now!) but hadn't added me as a friend, you can't do that anymore. I will friend anyone who asks, and I've friended anyone who has me on their list, but yeah, I'm gunna need to be more careful from now on.

Doesn't matter really... I guess I regret it, and anyway, it's first rotation and we rotate in 3 weeks and that CTI will disappear. Woot!

Thanks guys!

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