korio (korio) wrote in katimavik,

Hey katima peoples! Yes, I am calling you out.. If you are in Ontario close to Ottawa hear me out on this.. I am a past participant (2004- 2005)
I really enjoyed the program, and I really want others to enjoy it as much as I did..
I'm going to make this update short and sweet, because I'm studying and need to get back to the books.. I am thinking about heading out to Ottawa for a day or a few days to let the public know about the situation and about all the benefits, and experiences katimaik has to offer..
I really enjoy history, and love my country, but I don't want to let Katimavik become another historical event in Canada's history.. I think we all need to work together and collaborate.. I want to do this regardless.. and I will do it alone.. If I have people to help along the way and stand behind it with me, then that would be better.. If you are in Ontario.. and don't think you can get to Ottawa.. I live in Hamilton and can arrange to pick you up if need be (that is if you live close to me, or along the way)..
I would ask that you pitch in on Gas, because I'm a broke student that lives away from home borrowing a family members car for the occasion..
please think about it, give me your feedback, your criticisms, and whatever else you can contribute..


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