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Hey you Canadian Youth!! 
09:58pm 06/04/2009
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...and in 3 more month I can say I:

haha. Loving the new promo. (I get to tell kids to get a life!)

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01:50am 18/06/2008

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Questions about the program (prior to applying) 
09:20pm 11/02/2008
mood: contemplative
I'm contemplating applying for Katimavik; I'm in my second year of university and this August will be turning 20. It's pretty much a "now or never" situation.

Questions for you guys:
  • Should I, or can I, book a medical appointment now (and book it for, say, mid-March) to speed up my application process? Similarly, can I request a criminal background check (or whatever it's called) now, so that my application will be finished sooner?
  • How far in advance were you notified you were selected? Assuming you weren't a replacement person, did they give you a month's notice, a few weeks, mere days, what?
  • Was it worth (more or less) putting your life on hold for nine months? What did you learn? Why did -you- do it?
  • the pre-registration thing listed 4 departure dates - 2 in September, 2 in October. Does this mean there aren't any January '09 departures at all? I think I'd prefer a January program, 'cause then I'd only miss one semester of classes... Though being in Katimavik for Xmas would be amazing.

    I think I'm blanking out on what else I meant to ask, so I'll edit this when more questions crop up.

    More info about my situation, if you care to know (and/or want to offer advice on whether I should Katimavik-ify)Collapse )

    Responses are quite sincerely appreciated!


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    11:31pm 20/12/2007
    mood: anxious
    I just got accepted two weeks ago and on Tuesday I received a package containing my Katimavik patch, two luggage tags and my first travel itinerary (and it was only in French). I did not receive much else, not even my group number or where I will be going other than my first placement. It's my understanding that there should have been an insurance package and item check-list but there was nothing like that in my package. For those of you who have gone in the past, did everything come in one package or were things split up?
    I can't figure out whether or not they forgot something.

    I will be calling in the morning (they close for the holidays at noon, which is about 10:00 AM my time) but I just want to know if anything like this happened to any of you?

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    09:15pm 27/10/2007
      Hey folks,

    I was in katimavik 2005-2006 and am missing some recipes...

    someone who is in the program now, if they still have that cook book that you have to pick meals from every week...
    could you please send me the chicken-banana-apple curry recipe?
    it's so good.

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    ugh, I just unpacked... 
    06:21am 05/10/2007
    mood: awake
    I just unpacked all my stuff and found all my old Katima-wares...like my ol' shirt, my ol' documents, etc. >.< I mean god, my CTI's, ITC's, Reference letters, haha and all my old work project details and whatnot...it was strangely odd...reminsicing, took me an extra 2 hours just to unpack because of all that, laughing to myself, small drops of tears, etc...*sigh* I miss it but at the same time, I dont'...oh and there is a Katima-house in Kamloops again! huzzah! XD hahaha

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    11:06am 13/07/2007
      Yesterday I was remembering how for Christmas my group in Donnacona, PQ went to church, and our side mission (main one was to experience how people in the town traditionally celebrated Christmas) was to find billet families.

    We took turns standing in pairs inside the entrance handing out pamphlets. "Katimavik vous souhaite un joyeux noël!" Felt like a cult.

    I forget if we recruited anyone, but one woman seemed interested in taking me in particular because I'm Asian. *shudders* She regretfully couldn't because her husband recently had a gimp leg or something.

    What did you guys do to try to find billet families?

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    12:31am 28/04/2007
    mood: katima-withdrawling
    Hiya folks, just doing a check in to see if anyone here is doing a rotation in Sault Ste. Marie comming up?  I use to live there so i would always pop in to say hi to the new groups (and host a few gatherings) and I'm going to be moving back this summer so I may be popping in again. You would be amazed the number of alumni there is in the Soo!

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    07:21pm 27/04/2007
      is there anyone on here who is in the montreal house this trimester?
    I want to come visit!

    I finished the program july '06 (Drummondville, PQ, Vancouver, BC, Shelburne, ON)

    Let me know!


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    Junos, Katimavans, Spurred Insanity 
    11:47pm 01/04/2007
    mood: exhausted
    For the first time since I was in Katimavik (eightish months ago) I saw a Katimavan. In fact, I saw a hoarde of them. Five or six?

    I was volunteering at the Junos here in Saskatoon with a friend of mine as a seat filler, and leaving the parking lot I just about extremely embarassed myself. Okay, maybe I did a bit. I made my friend drive the car over to where they were parked and I ran to the nearest van and tapped on the window. A very startled participant greeted me.

    My mind went almost entirely blank though - where to start, you know? Haha of course I asked where they were from (there were groups from Manitoba there as well, apparantly!!). Driving out of the extremely congested parking lot we honked and waved at every van we could see.

    Anyone else go entirely nuts when they see the vans? Maybe it's just because it's been so long, but I almost felt like jumping them all and feeding them cookies upon cookies. I wanted to ask them a bazillion questions and tell those brave little soldiers all my stories. So basically, I've turned into an eighty year old Grandma. Point being, I think those vans inspire madness into even the sanest hearts. Yey or Ney?

    ps. Malajube and Pierre Lapointe didn't win Junos! My Quebecois loves! *gasp*

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    07:25pm 15/03/2007

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    Katimavik gets green light for continued funding 
    09:06pm 15/02/2007
    mood: good
    Katimavik gets green light for continued funding

    As you may already know, the federal government has approved Katimavik's funding for another year until the fall of 2008. Bev Oda, Minister of Canadian Heritage, confirmed that our funding will be extended at its current level of $19.7 million for the 2007-2008 program year. This is a clear indication that this government recognizes the value of Katimavik and the benefits it provides for both youth and communities.

    In an interview with the Globe and Mail, the minister of Canadian Heritage, Bev Oda, stated that the decision was based in part on the fact that the program has numerous supporters across the country. "We heard positive feedback from the participants, and the communities involved in the program spoke to their members of Parliament. We took that into consideration," she said.

    Indeed, over 4,000 individuals took the time to send letters of support to their MPs, to our minister, Bev Oda, and to Prime Minister Harper. We would like to thank each and every one of you who did so; we truly appreciate your heartfelt support. We will continue to strive relentlessly so that many more young Canadians have this unique opportunity to make a contribution through national volunteer service in the years to come.

    Our organization is now launching its participant recruitment campaign for the 2007-2008 program year starting in September 2007, at which time 1,122 young Canadians aged 17 to 21 will have the chance to participate in an exciting nine-month journey of service learning with over 700 partner organizations in 102 communities across the country.

    For more information about Katimavik, visit www.katimavik.org




    Feu vert pour Katimavik

    Comme vous le savez peut-être déjà, le gouvernement fédéral a approuvé le financement de Katimavik pour une autre année, c'est-à-dire jusqu'à l'automne 2008. Bev Oda, ministre du Patrimoine canadien, a confirmé que notre financement actuel de 19,7 millions $ sera maintenu pour le programme de l'année 2007-2008. Nous avons maintenant la certitude que le gouvernement reconnait la valeur de Katimavik, ainsi que les avantages qu'il offre aux jeunes et aux communautés.

    Lors d'une entrevue avec le journal Globe and Mail, Bev Oda a déclaré que la décision a été basée en partie sur le fait que le programme compte plusieurs partisans venant de partout au pays. « Nous avons reçu beaucoup de commentaires positifs de la part des participants, disait-elle, et les communautés impliquées dans le programme ont parlé à leurs députés. Nous avons pris tout cela en considération. »

    En effet, plus de 4 000 individus ont pris le temps d'envoyer des lettres de soutien à leurs députés, à notre ministre, Bev Oda, ainsi qu'au Premier ministre Harper. Nous tenons à remercier tous ceux qui ont posé ce geste; nous apprécions sincèrement votre soutien. Nous maintiendrons nos efforts afin que plusieurs autres jeunes canadiennes et canadiens puissent avoir la chance unique de contribuer à la société dans les années à venir par l'entremise du service volontaire national.

    Notre organisme est présentement en pleine campagne de recrutement pour l'année du programme 2007-2008, débutant en septembre 2007. Dès lors, 1 122 jeunes canadiennes et canadiens âgés de 17 à 21 ans auront la chance de participer à une expérience unique de 9 mois d'apprentissage par le service volontaire, avec plus de 700 organismes partenaires dans 102 communautés aux quatre coins du pays.

    Pour de plus amples renseignements sur Katimavik, nous vous invitons à visiter le www.katimavik.org



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    02:20pm 04/02/2007
      I really miss that banana bread recipe from the katima-approved-cookbook.

    could someone who is on the program now/has access to that cook book, post or reply with that recipe?

    my group kind of lived off of that banana bread sometimes...

    thanks a lot!


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    09:57am 02/01/2007
      Katimavik's been approved for another year, wOOt!!!  

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    09:00pm 22/12/2006
    mood: blah
    Okay, guys. It's Ki here again from Redvers, Sask.

    I got caught with my LJ around my ankles, which resulted in a CTI. (The CTI was actually for using a computer at work to update LJ, it's a CTI in Respect, but it wouldn't have happened if my LJ were friends only... or if my Work Partner wasn't such a creeper, but it matters not.)

    I don't think there's anything too horrible on my LJ but my PL has suggested I make it more private so here's the deal.

    If you WERE watching my LJ as I progress through Katimavik (three months in now!) but hadn't added me as a friend, you can't do that anymore. I will friend anyone who asks, and I've friended anyone who has me on their list, but yeah, I'm gunna need to be more careful from now on.

    Doesn't matter really... I guess I regret it, and anyway, it's first rotation and we rotate in 3 weeks and that CTI will disappear. Woot!

    Thanks guys!


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    Quesnel Katimavik group 
    01:10pm 13/12/2006
      I'm a Past Participant from Quesnel BC and wondering how I could get contact with the group there right now. You can e-mail me at MilthorpL@hotmail.com.

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    05:52pm 16/11/2006
      Okay, so for any of you that are in for this Ottawa thing... we will be sending out a MASS email to everyone with all the info in the next two days. I got onto the Alumni directory and borrowed most of the ontario participants email address from 1977-2006.. I will also post it here for all of you to view..


    P.S if you would like to add me to msn my email is


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    05:54pm 15/11/2006

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    07:00pm 15/11/2006
      Hey guys!

    I'm writing you from Redvers, Saskatchewan, where I am with my Katimavik group. I'm in billeting now, and if you hop over to my journal, there's pictures there of my house, my group, and the lovely town of Redvers...

    Friend me to keep up. I can't update over here too much. I don't get alot of computer time.

    Well, I guess that's it!


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    10:30am 13/11/2006
      Hey katima peoples! Yes, I am calling you out.. If you are in Ontario close to Ottawa hear me out on this.. I am a past participant (2004- 2005)
    I really enjoyed the program, and I really want others to enjoy it as much as I did..
    I'm going to make this update short and sweet, because I'm studying and need to get back to the books.. I am thinking about heading out to Ottawa for a day or a few days to let the public know about the situation and about all the benefits, and experiences katimaik has to offer..
    I really enjoy history, and love my country, but I don't want to let Katimavik become another historical event in Canada's history.. I think we all need to work together and collaborate.. I want to do this regardless.. and I will do it alone.. If I have people to help along the way and stand behind it with me, then that would be better.. If you are in Ontario.. and don't think you can get to Ottawa.. I live in Hamilton and can arrange to pick you up if need be (that is if you live close to me, or along the way)..
    I would ask that you pitch in on Gas, because I'm a broke student that lives away from home borrowing a family members car for the occasion..
    please think about it, give me your feedback, your criticisms, and whatever else you can contribute..



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